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Beautiful solution for security, privacy & energy savings! 

Security roll shutters add security, insulation & protection to your home or businessThey provide an instant “safety shield” to the exterior of your windows, doors or enclosed space. Protecting you & your property from intrusion, burglary, vandalism, storms & the harmful effects of the sun, all while reducing your energy consumption. 

Sun Control Products security roll shutter systems & components are manufactured in the U.S. & engineered for heavy-duty performance. 

Custom Retractable Window Shutters

They cannot be surpassed for their combination of quality, craftsmanship, beauty, reliability & safe easy operation. Our security shutters are designed for maximum security & protection from the elements they completely block the damaging rays of the sun in the summer while providing an insulating blanket of air between the shutter & glass in the winter saving you up to 30% on your energy costs. 

Retractable Security Shutters install on the outside of windows and doors but are manually or electronically controlled from inside. They can be fully or partially retracted or completely tucked away into a streamlined housing box. 

Rolling Security Shutters

The sleek tailored design compliments the exterior of your home or business without hiding your windows or doors. 

In the fully closed position, Sun Control Products rolling shutters in San Diego are aesthetically pleasing. Blending with your home or business décor while providing complete privacy & protection. In the vented position, (a unique feature), security roll shutters provide built-in ventilation allowing you control of sunlight & air circulation throughout your property while still maintaining your privacy. 

Security roll shutters are custom fabricated to your specifications using the finest materials available today. 

Sun Control Products Security Shutters Commercial

Manufactured using the strongest forged powder-coated extruded roll-formed aluminum & built for maximum insulation, acoustics & strength, double-walled shutter profiles are filled with durable polyurethane foam core providing a protective barrier from unwanted noise & light. Reflecting and absorbing sound waves away from your home or business.

Security roll shutters have been rigorously tested for impact, fire, wind-load, airborne sound & thermal resistance. Available in a number of neutral designer colors developed to blend with or compliment the exterior of your home or business, these quality shutters add beauty & value!


Somf Rolling Shutters


Operation is easy whether manually or electronically by a hidden Somfy tubular motor, (world’s leading manufacturer). Rolling security shutters can operate individually by switch or remote control, or as a group & can be integrated with home automated systems. Additional security shutter options include timers, multiple group controls, manual over-ride motors. (see our electronics/options page) Built to out-perform & out-last all other! 


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