Retractable Exterior Solar Screen Shade



Solar sun screens and shades are the perfect solution for sun protection.

We provide the best selection of solar sun screens and shades at the best prices  from the top American & European solar sun screen and shade manufacturers & suppliers, recognized internationally for their superior engineering & quality.

Sun Control Products solar sun screens and shades cannot be surpassed for their combination of quality, craftsmanship, beauty, reliability, affordability, simplicity & safe easy operation. Backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Beautiful streamlined solar sun screens and shades can be installed on the inside or outside of your windows & doors.

Retractable interior solar screen

Designed for maximum shade & sun protection, retractable solar sun shades and screens can block up to 95% of harmful UV rays and radiant heat from the energy of the sun. They’ll reduce room temperatures up to 25% while protecting your fine furnishings, flooring, drapes & artwork from fading. Air conditioning loads can decrease by 60% with exterior installed solar sun screen shades & over 22% when installed on the inside making them the ultimate in energy efficient solar sun shade and screen systems.

They’re the perfect solution & ideal product for maintaining shade & comfort in your home or business by controlling or completely blocking the sun, heat & glare.

Solar Sun Shades and Screen in San Diego keep rooms cooler in summer & warmer in winter!

Solar Protection Screens and Shades can be partially retracted or completely tucked away. Because of their unique sleek design they can be installed on your windows, doors, patios, sunrooms, showrooms etc.  Solar sun screens and shades give you total privacy inside during the day (you can’t see in) but still allowing you to see out! Now you can beat the heat by blocking the sun…but not your view!


Retractable Solar Shade


High performance textiles including Mermet, Ferrari, Phiffer & Textilene are used in the solar sun screen manufacturing of all our exterior & interior solar sun screens. 

These superior fabrics use PVC coated fiberglass yarns providing unsurpassed strength, durability & longevity.

Solar shades are fire resistant & GREENGUARD certified. Over 200 designer weaves, patterns & colors to choose from. Fabric options available from transparent to translucent to total blackout. These beautiful solar screens provide unsurpassed heat & sun protection, while also controlling glare, all with view-through ability or total privacy!

Mermet Fabrics Solar Sun Shades

Exterior solar sun screens and shades are engineered for heavy-duty performance using specialized hardware of the highest quality & strongest forged powder-coated extruded aluminum available & finished with aircraft quality enamel baked onto the material never rusting or corroding. Even the smallest components are stainless steel assuring you the best quality.

Solar Sun Screens and Shades retract into sleek housing box & travel along either unobtrusive side tracks or heavy-duty gauge guide wires depending on your application.

Sun Screens are weighted using heavy hem bars to prevent screens from blowing in the wind, weight rods are solid brass preventing rust & staining. Hardware is available in numerous neutral colors in order to specifically blend with the exterior of your home or business.

Retractable sun screens can be operated manually by simple use of a hand crank or they can be motorized. 

Interior solar sun shades are installed on the inside & don’t require any tracks. They can be operated by the simple use of a
pull chain or motorized by switch or remote control. Motorized screens can operate individually or as a group & can be integrated with home automated systems. Larger systems can be directly wired to computerized controls. Literally within seconds you can have relief from the sun, heat & glare with the convenience of a push button you can have climate control! Retractable sunshades can be mounted in a pocket or on a wall with “optional” fascia plate/ valance. They are the perfect
solution for condos, home theaters, offices, showrooms, and conference rooms etc, where an exterior sunscreen may not be allowed. 

Motorized “options” are powered by a hidden Somfy tubular motor, world’s leading manufacturer. Intelligent “optional” sun
& wind sensors automatically detect weather conditions, raising or lowering your solar sun screens and shades even when you’re not home! Additional options include timers, multiple group controls, valance & graphics (see our electronics/options page) Built to out-perform & out-last all others! 

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